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‘You have to go through the darkness before you get to the light’

— Haruki Murakami



"Director and camera operator Karol Lindholm has roots on two Baltic coastlines. He was born in 1990 in the Polish city of Koszalin, around thirteen kilometres from that sea, and then spent the first five years of his life in Sweden. He took philosophy at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and is currently studying Film and Television Cinematography and Photography at the University of Silesia’s Faculty of Radio and Television in Katowice. The films he has worked on have been screened at numerous international festivals."

source: dokweb.net



Other selected work

Director of photography:

"Polish Republic of modernist" / Documentary series (12 episodes)/ prod. Fido Film, ART'e, ZDF / 2020

Camera operator: 

"The Pleasure Principle" / TV series / dir. Dariusz Jabłoński / prod. CANAL+ / 2019

"Inspekcja" / Television theater / dir. Jacek Raginis-Królikiewicz cin. Adam Bajerski prod. TVP / 2018

"Once Upon a Time in November" / Feature Film / dir. Andrzej Jakimowski cin. Adam Bajerski prod. ZAiR, CANAL+, Kino Świat / 2017

"Cuban Rolling Stones" / Documentary / dir. Mariusz Malec cin. Karol Lindholm / prod. TBA Group / 2016 / work-in-progress

"Straznicy Pamieci" / documentary TV series / dir. Mariusz Malec cin. Karol Lindholm prod. Discovery Channel / 2016

"Strazacy" / TV Series / dir.  Łukasz Palkowski cin. Adam Bajerski prod. TVP / 2016 

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